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Boston’s Newest Anti- Misogynist Organization

July 26, 2010


Misogynist?  Who came up with that word anyway?  Apparently, it means “One who hates women”.  Anyway…. There’s a great new organization starting up who wants to celebrate, recognize, and praise Women Entrepreneurs:

This organization was recently (as in a few weeks ago) started by “the” Ali Powell

She felt Boston had a great entrepreneurial community but it was heavily influenced by the male population and sometimes the women entrepreneurs weren’t able to share their voice enough.  There’s a need to have a place to go where women can support each other as they try to start a business.  This organization isn’t for women trying to get jobs, it’s for women who have an idea and they aren’t sure how to get it started, or women who have already started something and they might be able to mentor other women. 

Check them out and if you are a Women Entrepreneur, also check out the She-E-O coffee event happening Wednesday! 

– Candice Leigh Cabe

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