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#140 Conference Boston @ the Collonade w/ Jeff Pulver

July 28, 2010

I just got back from my very first “tweetup” and 140 Conference at the Collonade Hotel in Boston.  On the 14th floor there’s a large pool outside on a roofdeck.  If you glance quickly, you’ll think you’re in Vegas (albeit at the kiddie pool of the Hard Rock Cafe).  I think the pool needs to be about 4 x the size.  During our conversation, we decided it would be really cool if , as soon as you step off the elevator, you stepped right into the pool and it gradually got deeper and took up the entire deck, so that people were forced to go inside the pool.

It was supposed to be a pool party but the only one that jumped in (with all of their clothes on…. jeans and all) was Jeff Pulver himself, along with “random guy” Henry Harding!  I jealously watched from the side 🙂 

There was an amazing spread of food and complimentary margaritas.  Later, myself and a few others had dinner with Jeff at the restaurant downstairs.  Great food, amazing stories, engaging conversation & outstanding profiteroles. 

– Candice

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