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Mass Challenge Round 2 Judging Feedback

July 28, 2010

Here’s a look at my Round 2 Judging Feedback.  I took an Entrepreneurship class while getting my MBA from Babson College and our professor kept telling us to “bring the passion” to any VC pitch.  An Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, or Judge for the Mass Challenge competition (in this case) isn’t just judging your idea, but also how committed they think you are to it.  They know that people who are extremely passionate about making a difference in others lives and succeeding with their idea have a much higher chance of success. 

I listed to my professor and I researched everything I could think of and prepared myself for any question the judges might think of.  I anticipated their questions so well, that the first few they asked, I not only was able to immediately answer, but also show a completely new slide that I had stashed away as backup slides to reiterate my point.  The judges seemed to be impressed by this.

I truly believe that a picture is worth a 1,000 words and I tried to have my presentation show extremely relevant pictures that helped to convey my points.  I took a look at several other contestants slide decks and alot of them were boring black and white text with either no pictures, or just generic pictures of an arrow and a graph, for example.  I think people like to see other people in images, rather than symbols, drawings, buildings, or scenery. 

I’m psyched that the judges liked me and the idea enough to send me to the next round of the Mass Challenge competitition !

Carrie Bradshaw’s definitely been the queen of showcasing wonderful stillettos that she walks in through NYC on Sex in the City.  I used one of her photos in my presentation !

– Candice Leigh Cabe

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