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My competition progress so far with the high heel shoes!

July 29, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update you a little on my progress with the and the competition.

stilettos silver black

I want to THANK YOU all very much for supporting me either through voting for me, emailing in an official endorsement, trying to connect me with people you know in the shoe industry, mechanical engineers, or industrial designers, sending words of encouragement through facebook, twitter, my blog, email, or just silently cheering me on.  I definitely couldn’t have made it through to this round without you!

Ashrawing 1 Ashdrawing 3

Some are still wondering what this is all about.  Here’s the story:  Approximately 5 years ago, another one of my “million dollar ideas” came to me, probably one night when my feet were hurting me, and I was taking a look at stiletto heels and thought, “Those heels are thick enough for a screw to fit in there, why can’t they make heels that screw off, so when you’re feet hurt, you can put on lower ones”.  I thought about it for a long time but wasn’t sure how to get a business like that going.  The usual thoughts went through my head, like “surely someone will come up w/ this soon, someone with a lot more expertise than I have in the shoe industry”, etc.


Then, about 3 years ago, I was watching one of my ALL TIME favorite shows (so sad that it’s now off tv), Donny Deutch’s, “What’s the Big Idea”, on MSNBC……… and what do I see ?  Someone promoting their idea for convertible high heel shoes!!!  The bells and whistles went off on the shoe and Donny and his co-hosts declared it a winner and a million dollar idea.  I thought, “Oh no, someone else stole my idea!!” And, I thought “Oh well”…. but, I’ve been quietly keeping my eye on the company for the past few years and waiting for all of my friends to start wearing these heels.

41sd3G-e4vL__AA280_ DavisFootwear_071009-58

I quickly realized that the shoes weren’t made the way that I had originally “invented” them and there was plenty of room out in the marketplace for a competitor to do this much better.  I bounced around the idea a little bit to several people over the past year while at Babson in the MBA program, but I really wanted to get someone else excited about the idea in order to start something.  I also was working on several other business ideas and inventions.

(to be continued tomorrow…….. )

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