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Competition progress part 2

July 30, 2010

(continued from yesterday……)

After I graduated, I decided I wanted to focus on starting a business and was determined to attend all the networking entrepreneurial events that I couldn’t go to over the past year due to classes that I had to attend.  I heard about a free event held by Greenberg Traurig that was focused on patent law.  I quickly thought of my shoe idea and thought I would check it out.  At that event on a Thursday night, I heard about something called Startup Weekend ( that was being held the very next day.  You had 60 seconds to pitch an idea.  There were roughly 100 people there.

Amy our Patent Attorney

(Here’s Amy our Patent Attorney)

I took a look at the Startup Weekend website and noticed it was very focused on high tech, software companies and there would be lots of programmers there.  In the FAQ’s however, it said you could pitch anything you wanted and there was even a pillow company that had started from this.  So, I figured I would be a little different and pitch something completely different.  The room was 90% filled with guys too!  My idea certainly stood out.  I brought props with me too.  In my pitch I said, “I know you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m sure you’ve had a girlfriend, wife, or mother at one time that’s complained about their feet hurting after a night of dancing” and I said “I need help this weekend trying to create a better prototype than what I’ve come up with trying to cut my old high heel shoes with a kitchen knife!”  I held up this huge scary looking serated knife and a pair of heels I had only been able to cut halfway through until I hit the steel rod running down the middle.


Here’s Brian

(our only guy in the group and our engineer for the weekend~!)

Anyway, I came in 2nd place overall.  Then I had to form a team of 4-6 people and work as hard as possible for 48 hours.  I got a business development/ finance lawyer, a patent attorney, a social media maven, a PR person, and myself.  We were an all girl team, until 1 guy got bored or frustrated with the team he had joined, and he thought it would be fun to play with heels and powertools for the weekend- he happened to be a mechanical engineer!  We pretty much had the perfect team!  We developed somewhat of a prototype, built a website, a blog, a twitter page, a facebook fan page, and a 40 page business plan in 48 hours,,, it was AMAZING.


Here’s Emily (our Finance & Business Development Attorney)

We re-presented Sunday night and ended up coming in 2nd place overall again.  The 1st place folks had a project with 11 people and lots of fun “coolness” factor to it – John Harthorne, the CEO of the Mass Challenge Competition came up to me after I pitched and said “I love your idea, my wife loves your idea, here’s a Platinum Endorsement into the Mass Challenge competition” which had a deadline that night of midnight!  I think it was close to 9:30pm when he handed me this.  I raced home, through together an entry in 10 minutes and got it in at 11:59pm by the skin of my teeth!

(to be continued tomorrow…….. )

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