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Boston Innovation article Top 5 females to follow on Twitter

August 4, 2010
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Ali Powell  Ali Powell wrote this article! 

Top 5 Up-and-Coming Female Startupers in Boston to Follow on Twitter!

Ali Powell | June 17th, 2010
Candice Cabe, CEO and Founder of Day2NightHeels Candice Cabe 

On Sunday afternoon we posted an article about the top 12 female CEOs in the Boston area to follow on Twitter. In creating that post, we hoped women in the startup community, established or up-and-coming, would take heed and follow that list, and based on the activity we’ve seen on Twitter targeting that post, we were right!

This goes to show that our prediction at BostInnovation that women are starting to make more moves in the entrepreneurial space in Boston was fair. The entrepreneurial ecosystem around us is full of women who are starting companies or want to be involved in one way or another in the startup community — call them ladypreneurs.

Let’s welcome these five women to the startup ecosystem and stoke the startup fire for more women to go after their dreams and build their startups from ground zero. Here is a little bit about their startups — none of which have been featured yet on BostInno. After each capsule, you’ll find a tweet from them in italics we found relevant and useful.

Candice Cabe – Day2Night Convertible Heels@day2nightheels

If you are like myself and a lot of other women in Boston, you often put flats in your bag when wearing heels to work or an event, then when you walk home you put on the flats. Candice has created a solution to this problem with a convertible sized heel to help you feel more comfortable at work or play. She just kicked off her company at Startup Weekend Boston, so let’s help her build her Twitter following!

Ladies! Are you looking something different in a shoe? Introducing Day2Night Shoes. Check us out on #SWBoston

Liza Adams – decktOut@decktOut

Launching her beta site in July, Liza has created a stellar and easy way for the fashion savvy to update their handbag collection through an online swap process using a point system. Sick of your old bags? Swap them!

decktOut blog in the works. New post: Solar … Handbags?

Stacie Andrews – MeetImpact@MeetImpact

Another Startup Weekend Boston standout, Stacie’s company MeetImpact is creating a calendar system generated by leaders, innovators, people working on a startup or people who are planning to build a company. This one is all about startupers!

When boston just isn’t big enough for you #SWboston

Rebecca Schulman – Citiroller and Citistroller – @Citiroller & @citistroller

This is a two-for-one best-bet for those interested in accessiblitiy. Rebecca is creating browser based and mobile applications for two groups of people who navigate the city on wheels! By wheels we mean those rolling around the city with strollers and wheelchairs.  

We’re looking for beta testers, sponsors & folks interested in accessibility! Contacts us to get involved!

Dads: ever wish you could find/record men’s room changing tables a la @daddytypes great list? You’ll be able to on @citistroller! Sweet!

Hayley Barna and Katia Ververis – Birchbox@Birchbox

Birchbox is a monthly gift subscription to beauty samples from some of the hottest brands around! Hayley and Katia recently demoed at Web Innovators Group, and their service means supplies are shipped right to your door for you to try at only $10.00 a month.

short recap of last night’s @webinno26 w a pic of @hayleybay presenting @birchbox!

There are many competitions and incubators sprouting up throughout the Boston area to enable entrepreneurs of both genders to take part in following their dreams. But, like I wrote in the last article, I’ve been noticing more women on the scene in Boston recently. It is inspiring and helpful for women to see other women getting involved in the startup community. This creates a sense of being and a welcoming aura that is essential for women to succeed.

To have the inner membranes of this ecosystem push outward to the uninvolved women or the women we do not know are creating companies, we continue to feel that creating programs specific for ladypreneurs will be more and more important over time. The CEOs that we named in the last post are more than willing to help and be resources to young entrepreneurs. Use your connections wisely and get involved in the events being held around town; utilize social media and start blogging about the company that you are starting. By creating relationships in the early stages and getting word out about your personal brand you will expose yourself to faster embrace once you start your company.

Are you a women entrepreneur new to the startup scene in Boston and Cambridge? Are you thinking you have awesome and impactful ideas but don’t know where to start? The best thing you can do is to put yourself out there. The bigger your dreams and the harder you pursue your future, the more likely you are to succeed! Consider this a call to action: If you have an inkling that you want to do something more in this world, start somewhere and start now.

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We want to know about women who are starting companies here in the Boston area. Please let us know either by posting tweets about yourselves @BostInnovation or liking our Facebook page!

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