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Me on CNBC airing tomorrow at 1pm

August 25, 2010

Tomorrow at 1pm on CNBC I’m hoping you’ll see me on tv.  CNBC had their news crew come into MassChallenge and they officially interviewed 3 teams ( i believe) including myself, and they interview John Harthorne, the CEO of, the governer of Massachusetts’ assistant, and they took B-roll of a bunch of other things and teams around the offices.  They taped for 5 hours!! and the entire segment that will air will only be 2 minutes long (and they said they may even cut it to 1 1/2 minutes).

I went into a hair salon in Wellesley the other day and through conversation it came up that I was developing these and the owner, Barbara Canty, of the Color Studio Salon was all excited that I was getting interviewed on tv and she generously decided to donate her hair services to me. 

She did a color, cut, and style all pro bono and it came out fabulous.  She is awesome!  She is so nice and stylish and all of the girls who work their are super friendly.  I totally recommend that you go there if you live in the area or can make it into Wellesley. 

me at salon counter

Oh, and she has this awesome make up called, “Your Name Makeup” wiht the best eye shadow colors !!

If anyone’s can tivo CNBC tomorrow (Thursday at 12:45pm and let it run until 2:15 just to be safe), do so … because I can’t !


If you’re interested in learning more… I can write some more posts, just write some comments below so that I know you are interested and it’ll give me the motivation to keep writing! 


– Candice Cabe 

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  1. ryanjames731 permalink
    August 26, 2010 9:18 pm

    I would love to see the clip of your interview! It’s amazing to hear how everything is coming together for you. Keep it up, and please do keep the posts coming!!!

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