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My name is Candice Cabe.  I am an entrepreneur at heart.  I remember kids in kindergarten asking me if I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer or a teacher when I grew up and saying something like “I want to be the person that goes around and helps stores come up with a better name and put better things in their store.”  I later found out I was describing the role of a business consultant.  Since I was 5, I’ve been inventing products and business ideas in my head.  You can say I’m creative and I love entrepreneurship and startups!  I have 98 million dollar ideas waiting for a co-founder.

I love to be well-rounded and have many varied interests.  I have over 10 years experience working in the high-tech software space, the restaurant/ hospitality industry, and doing sales and marketing and management consulting for various startups and small businesses.   

I am also passionate about fitness and nutrition.  I am a certified personal trainer and have a certification in sports nutrition.  I have personally researched and dealt with my own hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) for over 10 years.  I struggle everyday with trying to eat healthy and more nutritionally so that I feel great, can concentrate fully, and am ready to take on the world! 

 I am an avid runner who’s done countless 5K races, 10K’s, half marathons, and marathons.  Being an athlete and struggling with food is a challenge.  I enjoy counseling other athletes in nutrition and especially those with sensitivity to sugar, those with gluten/wheat allergies or who have celiac, hypoglycemics, and diabetic athletes.

I am the owner of several websites and a business and marketing consulting company:

Candice Leigh Cabe


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